Founded by Ferdinand Porsche and naming the company after himself, Porsche began his own company in 1931. Porsche was associated with luxury and race cars which began producing cars that would go on to become legendary for their performance and quality. Still to this day, Porsche has maintained its status in the industry as a producer of unparalleled supercars with racing innovations, maximizing performance, speed, aesthetic and ensuring everything works together like clockwork.

We understand why you drive a Porsche – for the love of driving and the joy your beloved Porsche brings you. Whatever Porsche you drive, be it an iconic 911 or one of the newer additions to the Porsche family like a Panamera or Cayenne, we offer everything you need from a simple schedule servicing to a complex engine or gearbox rebuilt and more!


Maintaining a Porsche and finding a right workshop is affair of trust and competence because every Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering that require expert service and complex repair techniques. That’s why at Motor Edgevantage, we have a team of Porsche trained and certified technicians with rich and solid experience to look after all Porsche models from the classic 356 and 911, to the Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan through to the latest 992.

When issues arise you’ll want your prized possession to be looked after by the experts, and as the leading Porsche specialist workshop in Singapore, Motor Edgevantage should be your first port of call as we run by Porsche fanatics and Porsche technicians where our primary concern is looking after you and your Porsche.

When a warning light illuminates on your Porsche, it’s time to get it diagnosed. Leaving it as such or attempting to find and solve the issue by someone not Porsche-trained can lead to expensive consequences.

At Motor Edgevantage, our trained and certified specialists are equipped with the latest Porsche special tools and diagnostic tester for an efficient and systematic fault tracing to narrow down the root cause of the problem.

Here at Motor Edgevantage, our trained and certified technicians recommend using only Genuine Porsche Spare Parts and Lubricants to safeguard the same superior performance and quality as when your Porsche left the production line.

Genuine Porsche spare parts are engineered with high quality, wear tends to be controlled which means last longer and are less susceptible to wear so in the longer run, it makes more economical sense to use genuine spare parts vs aftermarket replacement parts.

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So, I decided to build it myself” – this quote from Ferdinand Porsche is the underlying key principle based on how we established Motor Edgevantage Porsche workshop. We stand out from the rest of the workshops to benchmark against the authorised dealer by assembling a team of trained and certified technicians, invest in training, equipped with special tools to specialise in Porsche with unrivalled customer service and quality of work matching or exceeding the authorised dealer.

When you visit our Porsche Workshop, you can speak directly with our specialists who will provide a clear and concise evaluation of the work, why such work is required, your options and future maintenance plans for your Porsche. Our personalised service means we are more than happy for you to stop by any time to discuss regarding your Porsche as your Porsche is unique, and there’s no substitute. That’s also why your car needs specialised servicing and care that cannot be entrusted just to anyone. Whether you think your Porsche has a problem or your car is in the workshop being repaired, we’ll be delighted to see you and have a chat.