Classic car restoration – do we stick to just classic car or use both classic & vintage?

Are you a proud owner of a classic or vintage car that is in need of restoration?

Do you already have a clear vision how your dream classic or vintage car will look after the restoration?

With our extensive years of experience, we are proud to provide you with unparallel service in the realm of classis or vintage car restoration.

Our specialist workshop for classic or vintage cars is built upon the pillars of expertise, extensive experience and unwavering passion. These foundational elements not only reflect our over 50 years (Joel to correct – how many years?) of unique level of know how in repairing and restoring classic or vintage cars but also enrich our service offerings with the utmost level of professionalism guided by our core values in EDGE to rest assured you that your beloved classic or vintage car is in our capable hands.

About Henderson Motors

Harry Tan – Trailblazer with classic/vintage car enthusiasm

In the early day (do we have date?), classic car or vintage car was not widely understood or appreciated by the majority of people in Singapore. At that time, there was no significant market for classic or vintage cars.

However, these circumstances did not deter the young Harry Tan, who fearlessly embarked on the path of entrepreneurship by establishing Henderson Motors to specialise in classis/vintage cars servicing and repairs. His deep passion for classis and vintage cars, coupled wit his exceptional talent for interpersonal skills, propelled the small business to flourish right from its inception.

The combination of expertise, dedication and consistency has been instrumental in ensuring the company continuous growth and success over the decades.